Friday, June 11, 2010

Mes Etudes

Class starts at 9 am everyday, we leave around 8:30 because it's about a 20 minute walk from our dorm. There's a giant hill at the very end of the walk that really sucks, but it's a good wake up walk. 
I'm in the advanced class which means that my week consists of 3 days history and civilisation of FRance with one teacher m. Fillon and 2 days of grammar with sabinne.
Mr. Fillon drives a motorcycle, carries a pocketwatch and has matching glasses for each outfit. He's pretty much awesome. Sabinne is always cheerful and they are both really helpful and I'm already feeling much more comfortable with French. 
The wors part of it is the almost literal hike to school, but even that can just be seen as good prep for hiking in July.  

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  1. Think of all those muscles you are building on your walks! And when you have kids you can tell them the truth when you say you had to walk uphill to school - only the snow and barefeet will be the exaggeration. Hope you have a great weekend Brooke!