Sunday, June 13, 2010

La premiere semaine

This has been a crazy week, and because of how jam packed of activities it's been it feels like far longer then a week... In a great way! School has taken up all of my mornings and I enjoy it profoundly. In the afternoons I am always doing something. By the time I get back to my room I lay down and I'm gone.
We've started doing nightly dinners in someones apartment because we stopped eating out (it's expensive). Once a week we have an atelier which literally translated means a workshop and it's an extra 3 hours of school, focusing on a more hands on experience (for example next week we are cooking and focusing on the terms and phrases used for cooking). 
I went shopping this week with some of the girls and restrained myself from buying the million cute things I saw, but when soldes start very soon I will not restrain myself. I went to carrefour ( French walmart) to stock up on necessities. Wednesday night wAs a blast I went salsa dancing at a club called mojitos. 
Also, went to the beach (on the lake) and played frisbee and volleyball which was fun; I am not very good at either sport but I love to play them.
Went to Grenoble one day and road in cable cars to get to a Bastille. And it was the windiest place I've ever been in my life, but it was cool because I got to walk around in a tunnel of an old Bastille. 
I watched the opening match if the world cup in a pu, and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. I've never really gotten into footbal (soccer) bub I am now. Did I mentiont the openin game was France v uruguay? It was a great experience and because of it I made the french newspaper: there was an article about the support shown for Les bleus for their first match. Pretty exciting stuff!
That concludes the highlights of the first week of my life in chambery! 


  1. You should have linked to that newspaper article. Were you interviewed or was there a picture of you in the crowd? Sounds like you are having a blast!

  2. It was just a photo of the people in our group at a pub, watching the first game of the World Cup(France happend to be playing).

  3. Thanks for posting the photo of the newspaper! That was cool!

  4. Wow, I missed this post. You are staying very busy. I know you are having so much fun. I'm glad that you are keeping busy. How did the cooking go? Did you learn a lot of the French terms? What did you cook?