Sunday, June 13, 2010

La croix du Nivolet

My first hike of the summer!
I see this cross on top of a mountain everyday and I found ou that on Saturday we could hike up to it. I instantly got excited first, for the oppurtinity to break in my new hiking boots and, second, to get to see that cross up close and personal.
It was a trying hike but I enjoyed it immensely. There was one great view after another, and I took a lit of pictures of them. I saw so much plant life and a ton of slugs and snails. It was a blast and finally being at the top was amazing; I felt accomplished and the view from the top was well worth the difficulty in getting up there. 

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  1. Hey Angel, We have been on vacation and I haven't been able to check your post to keep up with your activities. The picture looks great. did you go hiking by yourself. How did you do with the hiking boots? You will get ready for the hiking trip when you finish school.
    I miss and love you,