Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tour de France!!!

This one's for you Natasha!
This is not in order but this post was so important that I am not going in order!
Bastille Day in Chambery was the start of the 10th leg of the Tour de France.
Last night walking around town, there were so many people already and the parc (right next to my apartment was already taken over to set up for the bikers.
We met at 8:30 am to get over to the starting line, and we were right on the barrier (so the very front of the crowd). As soon as we got there the crowd started coming and we were smushed against the rail, very quickly. We stood there for four hours waiting for the race to start. I got a ton of free stuff, and then there was a parade of cars coming down, and then finally they started calling the names of the cyclists.
They lined up a little ways away from us and then after all of the names had been called they moved up to right in front of us, as in I literally accidentally touched a cyclist in the Tour de France. The funniest part of that scenario was that me and the two girls I was standing next to were so excited, we were singing and dancing to "Highway to Hell" which they were playing over the speakers, and the cyclists were looking over and laughing at us.
And then it was time for take-off, and they proceeded to pass by...And then I saw Lance! It was such a happy day in my life.
I don't know much about cycling but it was so exciting to be apart of it, and for it to come to where I live in France.

Yes that is Lance Armstrong!


  1. Sounds like ya'll had such a fun time! I am super jealous! I'm sure the crowds were mad! I will look for you on TV this evening when I get home to watch. Unfortunately they only show about three seconds of the start so I probably won't see you but I'm glad you were able to get down there and have such a fun experience! Thanks for posting about it! I looked on here today hoping you had done so! Love ya!

  2. Great photo Brooke. You must have posted it after I first saw your blog! Love it! Great job.

  3. Hey Sweetie, how exciting to be a part of something that people view on TV in fact every where. You have had the best summer ever. I'm so happy for you.
    You have a great time with Kenzie and your Mom.
    I love you,