Saturday, July 3, 2010

The past week...

This past week I played Frisbee three times; every time with Mike Lui and Jeffrey, and with the addition of Jordan and Michael McMuffin some days. I haven’t gotten any better at it but I love to play! I did pick up the new skills of catching it one handed and throwing it side arm. It reminds me of playing with my dad and Makenzie when we were younger. When Jeffrey, Mike and I were playing on Monday in the park, a 12 year old boy played with us. He was a really sweet and he wasn’t half bad at the very American sport of Frisbee. After we played we met his parents and they were really nice too. We were supposed to play with him again but we never were at the park at the right time I guess.
On Wednesday, I went to a concert at the chateau with Danielle and it was really good. It had been so long since I had heard real music (like with an orchestra and band). It was a concert and a musical; the storyline involved a romance and magic, and that’s all I can really say because it was bizarre. It’s really cool because we’re here when it’s the anniversary of Savoie (the department of France) and Chambery is the capital of Savoie so a lot of cool stuff has been happening here (like concerts at the chateau).
Thursday, was the first time in a month I could eat sweets and my roomie woke me up with Pain au Chocolat, because she’s amazing! A bunch of us went out to get chocolate mousse and then ice cream. It was amazing!
After all of the dessert, we all went to the discothèque (pronounced disco-teck). I had never been to any sort of club in the states so I had no idea what to expect. It was all neon lights and smoke machines. It was a blast-apparently I love to dance. I just let loose and danced, and I didn’t feel creeped out by guys or the need to drink. I had a blast with my friends although it was the hardest thing in the world to go to class on Friday. But I did it!
Friday after school, I slept! at least for the most part. I also got to Skype with my sis Makenzie which was really nice.
Today, I went shopping with Dana! It was fun but not extremely successful. I bought two pairs of sandals (really cute and both under € 25). Also, I got some jewelry, but I was looking for some stuff and I didn’t find anything I liked. But no worries I have plenty of time to go shopping again :)
After shopping Dana and I made lunch and then headed for the pool. It seems that I sweat more in France than in the United States. We just relaxed in and out of the pool. More truth about France: Speedos and brief swimming trunks (they look like spandex shorts) for guys- mandatory and topless women-totally acceptable! Don’t worry I did not go topless.
And that has been my last week, or at least the interesting parts of it!


  1. You are doing great. I wasn't expecting any more posts so quickly. Thanks for sharing I look forward to each one. Today is the 4th of July so a lot of picnicking going on. Our church did an entire lesson on respect for our country and especially for God. It was great.
    Papa and I have had a good time together. I didn't have to work-shocking isn't it. We went to Davy Crockett park and hiked and I mean hiked. It was an adventure.
    We got to see 3 movies. It had been a while so we tried to catch several. We saw Eclipse and it was great. I called Kenzie and she told me she had heard Jasper had more of a part and I told her it was so good. So she is excited about seeing the movie too. She is really excited about coming over. I think she is ready to leave Jackson and start college.
    Aunt Melissa was thrilled that you facebooked her and wished her Happy Birthday. By the way we are going to Holiday World. We are going on a Friday and just spending one day but that is all we have as far as time.
    Now I think we will be able to add writing to your resume. you are doing a great job.
    Love you to the moon and back,

  2. Hey Brooke - great post. Sounds like you are having a blast. I love reading your stories and look forward to each one. Thanks for leeting us live vicariously thru you. Your Aunt Jackie and I wish we were there with you! We saw Eclipse this past Saturday and we thought about you and wished you were with us! Glad you are havign such a fun time!