Friday, July 2, 2010

My Peeps

These are the people I have all of my adventures with!

There's Jeffrey of course! My travelling buddy also affectionately known as the one who drug (dragged) me to France.

This is Sam (to my left) and Chelsea (to my right). They were my saviors on the first night in Chambery, I knew where they lived and hung out with them.

This is the previously introduced Sam (on the left) and Michael- I call him Michael McMuffin because there are so many other Michaels on the trip and his last name is McMullen.

This is Jeffrey and Laura from New York-she's hilarious!

This is a long one but here it goes from left to right...
Anna (on the top) she has the amazing ability to make everyone feel comfortable around her.
Yvonne is adorable and always smiling-she's 25 but you wouldn't know it because she acts like an adorable little kid a lot of the time.
Danielle and Anna are best friends, and she's amazing- she has her head on her shoulders and loves to plan (which made Paris fun for everyone).
Mike Lui (down at the bottom) is from California (he goes to school in San Diego) and is my frisbee buddy (even though neither of us is good at it).
And there's Jeffrey...again.

Dana-oh words do not express...she loves to eat and she thinks she's a ninja :)

This is dear Hannah...she's pretty cool and she's from oregan which is sweet because I've alwayd wanted to go to the Northwest and now I have someone to visit there.

I've already introduced most of these people but...From left to right again there's
Michael McMuffin,, Hope (i'll talk about her in just a second), Anna, Lisa in the far back (she's amazing, she's been my mama while I've been here), Jeffrey Mike Lui, Liz (she's really sweet and lives just down the hall from me, Danielle and Jeremiah (I call him Jebediah because he continuosly calls me Hope). This picture was at the first France game during the World Cup.

This is Jordan the best roommate of all time...she can get anything open that I can't, when our power went out she figured out how to fix it...she's just amazing. And I call her Alice because I think she looks like one :)

This is Jenny, she's a blast to talk to and she's adorable and pregnant!

And last but most certainly not least...this is Hope. She's gorgeous as you can tell and she's my twin...I mentioned earlier that Jeremiah repeatedly calls me Hope, well thats because we're twins...obviously!

And those are the people that I have and will mention in my blogs!


  1. I love the pictures of your friends. They all look as happy as you do. Of course I love the fact that you have so many people from all over the US. You will always have this special bond because you were in France together. This section was special for me because now I have a face with the people you mention so it makes the news even more enjoyable. You sound so happy and you are definitely exercising a lot. Of course I know you will be exercising even more when the family arrive and you start the hiking part of your trip. Keep the journey going I enjoy it so much. I look forward to every post. Love,

  2. It was nice to see your friends Brooke. Looks like you are all having such a nice time and making so many new friends and memories is very special!